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Chapter 2: Why my baby MUST WEAR A BOW in public.

Chapter 2

Why my baby girl MUST WEAR A BOW in PUBLIC.

It's really not my daughter's fault. She is absolutely beautiful in my eyes (and in other's eyes, too, I think!), but no matter how beautiful she is there are still times when she gets mistaken for a 'cute little boy' when we're in public. (Grrrrr...).  Sometimes she's just referred to as a "little one" and I can tell people are unsure, which is almost as irritating, but I can appreciate that they're trying not to offend with their inquiry.  Almost every family member and friend that we have says she looks just like her daddy, so maybe we can blame him for this issue? :)  

She doesn't want to wear the bow, and it's almost immediately removed from her head and placed in the more correct place of her mouth.  By the time we actually get to the store, it is soaked in her lovely saliva and I still place it back on her head. "Why does she have to wear the bow? You know she doesn't want to", my husband usually says. I finally told him that it's really for HIS benefit, because if one more sweet old lady in the store asks me how old my little boy is (when she's not wearing a bow but still wearing pink!), then I'll be really tempted to punch her in the face. And that might be kinda embarrassing for him. 

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