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About us

BelleBug is the place where you can find an entire boutique outfit for your little girl or little boy, often times including accessories, for under $20. I understand how fun (and expensive) it can be to dress up your baby, and I wanted to be able to buy those super cute outfits for my daughter without spending $40 on each outfit! Gaaah!   

BelleBug was inspired by my pregnancy with my baby girl, Norah Belle. She is our "Belle", our little "Bug", and many other little nicknames made out of love, but before that she was simply Norah Belle, the name we had chosen for this little girl that we had not yet met. She is truly an amazing blessing from God. We had moments in our journey that my husband and I weren't sure we would become parents (see my Blog, "My Journey").

Now that she's here, I love to dress her up like my little baby doll, because she is! Sure, some days we stay in pjs ALL DAY because it's cold outside or we're just feeling droopy. But when we go out, even if it's just to our local Kroger, I LOVE putting her in the cutest little outfit I can find in her closet. I want her to be comfortable (while I show her off to the world), and I want her outfit to be affordable. Ever since we decided I would be a stay-at-home mom to her it is important to find cute outfits at a REASONABLE cost- she needs clothes for her ever-growing little body, but they have to be affordable- like wholesale price affordable!  

Before I started BelleBug, I found several online boutiques for kids that offered really cute boutique outfits, but they were always priced at like $25 for one shirt or some ridiculous price that I couldn't (and wouldn't try to) afford. Then I found some other boutiques that offered slightly lower prices for cute outfits, but then you add on the matching bow and necklace and you're shopping cart is back up to at least $30 before you even pay taxes and shipping. I finally decided boutique clothes didn't have to be ridiculously expensive but they could still be ridiculously cute, and I created BelleBug to offer you, my daughter, and YOUR daughters, tons of cute options at a truly affordable price. Our outfits often include the accessories in the price, and our selection is ever growing!   

As a Mom, there are so many things about having a baby that you only know once you know, you know? :)  And all I know is that I will NEVER pay stupid prices for one little boutique outfit again. Under $20 is my aim as a mom, and I am constantly working on finding additional boutique products to offer you at the best price I can find.  I hope you'll enjoy these and come back again soon, because we add new products almost daily!  Join the fb group to stay updated (and get inside discounts!)

CEO, BelleBug

(I always wanted a fancy title... turns out you just need a keyboard.)